(Frequently Asked Questions)

Did you (Richard Waters) invent the Waterphone?
Do you have a patent on the Waterphone?
If I turn the Waterphone upside down will the water fall out?
Are the bronze tonal rods hollow or solid?
Would you explain the hows and whys of Waterphones?
Are Waterphones tuned to a scale?
Would you be willing to tune a Waterphone to a conventional scale?
How do composers use them in sound tracks and recordings?
Can Waterphones be re-tuned?
Can I play a melody on the Waterphone?
Your Waterphone prices are considerably higher than the imitators and knock offs from around the world. Why is that?
Would you talk a little more about the tuning process?
What are some of the other attributes of the Waterphone?
Do you have any advice for Waterphone players?